Choose the right subscription for you

We believe business consultancy services for law firms should be clear, simple and affordable. So we created Advantage365. We have three different service plans to deliver the best experience and value to your business. The plans start at £300/month (+VAT) and are tailored to suit the specific needs of your law firm. 
  • Best Value

    Premium Membership

    Every month
    Ideal for medium law firms between 10 to 20 employees.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Benefits as "Access" subscription, plus the following:
    • Regular Business Plan and Financial Strategy Reviews/Advice
    • Ongoing Recruitment & HR Advice with access to HR policies
    • Quarterly Marketing Reviews including website content & SEO
    • Ongoing support with SRA and Lexcel Compliance
    • Access to Discounted Legal Technology licence, eg Actionstep
    • Law Society Accreditation (Lexcel & CQS)
    • Advice with IT Strategy, Security & Data Management
    • Unlimited free access to the Advantage365 consultation app
  • Access Membership

    Every month
    We recommend this plan for law firms of up to 10 employees.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Lexcel compliant policies, plans and procedures
    • Employee contracts, handbooks and documents
    • Unlimited consultations on the Advantage365 advice app
    • Full access to the Advantage365 Academy e-Learning webinars
    • Unlimited app consultations on SRA-compliance issues
    • Quarterly remote file reviews and audits
    • Anti-money laundering advice and assistance
    • Regular updates to firm's Lexcel Office Procedures Manual
    • SRA Code of Conduct and Accounts Rules advice and support
    • COLP / COFA support & advice on recording and reporting
    • Ad hoc Zoom participation at internal meetings
    • Ongoing support with Lexcel & CQS accreditations
  • Enterprise Plus

    Every month
    We recommend this for law firms with 20+ employees
    Valid for 12 months
    • Benefits as "Premium" subscription, plus the following:
    • Unlimited advice through the Advantage365 consultation app
    • Monthly support with Lexcel, CQS, Wills & Inheritance scheme
    • Full access to "Business Accelerator" for law firms
    • Innovation, transformation and leadership advice & support
    • Risk & compliance management services for growing firms
    • Discounts on Advantage365 legal tech & software platforms
    • Advice with case management systems and document automation
    • Support and advice on virtual and digital practice platforms
    • Financial reviews, audits and financial planning analytics
    • Access to finance advice for growing law firms
    • Specialist support with SRA legal accounting & tax
    • Access to Advantage365 Professional Indemnity scheme
    • Ongoing support – whenever and wherever you need it
    • Extensive funding offers for Advantage365 platform members
    • Dedicated claims and risk management support
    • Access to Advantage365 Online Benchmarking and Quoting Tools
    • Advantage365 Bespoke mergers & acquisitions service
    • Acquisition/merger valuations and due diligence support
    • Merger financial modelling to highlight potential synergies
    • Advice on tax implications of proposed mergers/acquisitions
    • Deal with SRA compliance including SRA-authorisation
    • Recruitment - identify & interview of prospective candidates
    • Advice with digital marketing, SEO, websites & social media
    • Full access to Advantage365 e-Learning Academy