Risk & compliance management services for law firms

Our risk & compliance consultants help law firms create value and a competitive advantage by embracing disruption with trust and confidence. These services are included with Advantage365 Subscription.

Law firms are under pressure to manage risk and compliance. Talk to us!

Successful law firms know that risk can come from every angle, including strategic, operational and regulatory, and can be hard to see, anticipate and respond to. Our team of Risk & Compliance consultants assists lawyers to embrace all potential risks, update their risk functions and share risk intelligence to generate fresh value through aggressive innovation that gives them a competitive advantage.

The cost of under-investment in risk and compliance is leading to an increasing number of cases of intervention by approved regulators. Keeping abreast of the rules and regulations and safeguarding your business and its reputation can take less investment than you think.

The interplay between strategic, operational and regulatory risk is important to understand in order for the partners to be able to make long-term decisions to prevent risk and minimise impacts on their firm’s ability to meet its future business strategy and objectives.

Risk & compliance consultancy is included with Advantage365 Subscription.


£360 /month

Basic Access Subscription

We recommend this subscription for small law firms of up to 10 employees. This Basic Access Subscription Plan allows you to spread the costs of our compliance advice across the year, with the peace of mind you have a dedicated Lexcel Consultant who will be in regular contact to guide you whenever you need them.


£99 /one-off

One-off consultation fee 

Seeing a Lexcel Consultant online with Advantage365 is just like seeing a traditional advisor in the office, but so much more comfortable and convenient. Sign up for an account in minutes, either on our website or by downloading our app. See a consultant the same day, or another day entirely, at a time and place to suit you.


£50 /starting

Starting at £50 per document

Find and download template documents for all your Lexcel and CQS compliance needs. Advantage365 provides simple, no fuss, but SRA compliant templates for your law firm needs. These policies, plans and procedures can be edited with minimal work from you and have been created by Lexcel-approved consultants.

Still unsure what you need?

For more information on how we can help your law firm, please call us on 0121 212 6580 or request a free call-back using our contact form to get free initial advice. You can also access a wealth of free business information for lawyers by visiting our digital Resource Centre and view our free Business FactsheetsAlternatively, please email us on info@advantage365.co.uk.