Verify 365 partners with WYM Legal

Rudi Kesic CEO at Lawtech 365 Group

7 October 2021

This involves automating steps to share information, assign tasks, and track completion. Schedule a specific event to trigger an email and create email templates that pull live matter data. For example, a settlement offer can prompt 1) an automatic email notifying the client and 2) an alert to the lawyer to call the client to discuss. Another option is to automate weekly or monthly client status updates.

Verify 365 will offer a fully compliant identity verification experience to WYM’s expansive network of conveyancers, helping to stop fraud attempts and bad actors in their tracks through the use of its AI-powered online IDV solution. Rudi Kesic, CEO at Lawtech 365 Group, said: “Verify 365’s intelligent decision engine utilises machine learning to analyse more than 9,500 variations of government-issued IDs from over 190 countries in 39 different languages. Our lawtech platform leads with transparency, providing our customers with full insight into our decision engine to ensure they are confident in the technology and use of personal data. Verify 365 is a trusted advisor that delivers on the growing need for trust online with accurate, efficient technology, setting the benchmark for online IDV today.”

WYM Legal’s Head of Legal Practice, Senthuran Ranjan, reiterated that the firm’s commitment to innovation and meeting the changing needs of their clients is paramount not only for the current COVID-19 environment but for the future. “Partnering with an innovative digital IDV platform like Verify 365 highlights the firm’s approach to improving the client experience at every touch point and we look forward to this exciting partnership,” Mr Ranjan said. “We do a lot of conveyancing and by offering our clients the option to digitally identify themselves through Verify 365 app in a time that face to face interaction is not always an option, will make the conveyancing process seamless and more convenient”.

Mevludin Dzihic, Director at Verify 365, added: “We know that lawyers face huge challenges when complying with the extensive anti-money laundering regulations and Verify 365 can help with both reducing administration and increasing security when validating clients’ ID, their address, and the source of their money. Over the past year, our team have built a unique ID and AML platform that is totally transforming client onboarding for lawfirms enabling solicitors to offer their clients a modern, streamlined, tech-enabled experience and to stay compliant with the SRA’s AML regulations.”


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