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7 October 2020

How to use Actionstep for Marketing Webinar
28th October 2020
3:30pm - 4:00pm

Webinar: Marketing your law firm with Actionstep

Content marketing for law firms 101 and how to use Actionstep for Marketing.

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Actionstep is a flexible, easy to use software platform for ambitious legal service providers to
manage and grow their practice. Built in the cloud, with workflow at its heart, Actionstep transforms law firm productivity at every step. Combining CRM, Matter Management, Document Assembly & Storage, Time & Billing, Trust & Office Accounting, Reporting and much more in one system, Actionstep gives you everything you need to run your firm and provides full visibility across the health of your practice.
With unlimited scope to scale & evolve, Actionstep’s legal practice management software will take
you every step of your journey as a law firm or law centre.


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