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23 August 2021

Using one flexible subscription, law firms can easily switch between the different plans to take advantage of special features as necessary. The basic plan is free. A law firm can therefore address specific needs at key stages of its development, switching subscriptions at times when growth is less of a priority.

Listing on the Lawyer 365 platform puts you in the eye-line of the thousands of people who visit Lawyer 365 portal/app every year seeking legal information and professional advice. Your profile is your shop window – it sets out your professional offering, displays your credentials and USPs, and highlights all the things that make you special. It's also the first thing potential customers will see when they find you via the Lawyer 365 app and provides them with a range of methods to contact you.

Three benefits of your Lawyer 365 profile

1. Get found online by prospective clients - our dominant SEO rankings and high web and app traffic mean your profile stands a far better chance of being seen then your own website does.

2. Increased brand exposure - we are constantly working to boost the online prominence of the Lawyer 365 app via content marketing, adverts and targeted SEO which your Lawyer 365 profile benefits directly from.

3. A source of exclusive leads - any potential client who finds your profile can contact you in multiple ways directly from the app.

The Lawyer 365 platform is a great source of local leads. It lists all the professionals who subscribe to Lawyer 365 and people can use it to search for a solicitor near them. Potential clients can use the filters to refine their search further, for example searching for a specialist in family law or criminal law. If your profile appears in their search, a user can click on your profile to see full details and contact you by phone, chat or video call, all through the app. Thanks to Lawyer 365 strong SEO, users can see the results from Google searches. If someone searches for “immigration lawyer in London” they will usually see the top 20 Lawyer 365 profiles as the first or second result.

There are many reasons why we’d all prefer to forget the year just gone. But in decades to come, the legal sector in particular may look back at 2020 as a key moment in its evolution. What was unusual just 18 months ago – taking financial advice without ever meeting the adviser in person – has become temporarily the norm. And although not everyone has been happy with this way of working, most have found ways to make it work, and some lawyers have even identified advantages in this approach. Advantages that they may wish to hang onto, even after the virus has been wiped off the face of the earth.

Face-to-face advice isn’t going anywhere, but platforms such as Lawyer 365 are now very much here to stay, and what was a sad necessity in 2020 is now a massive opportunity.


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