HMLR Practice Guide updates: PG19 and PG67

Todays Conveyancer

15th February 2022

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This guide gives advice about how to apply for a notice or a restriction to protect a third-party interest in a registered estate or charge. It explains the effect of existing register entries in respect of third-party interests and explains what applications may be made in respect of existing entries.

PG19: Notices, restrictions and protection of third-party interests

Changes made:

Contents headers have been added to help navigate the guide
Added some examples of standard and non-standard restrictions, plus an example of an acceptable certificate of compliance for a Form LL restriction

There is a new sub-section at 3.4.2 entitled: “Things to consider before applying for a restriction”
Some sections have been revised to provide further explanations and reminders to try to avoid unnecessary requisitions and misconceived applications

Section has been amended to remove reference to Chartered Legal Executive Conveyancing Practitioners as this title is not in use

PG67: Evidence of identity: conveyancers

This guide explains when evidence of identity is required and how it should be given.

Change made:

Section 3.1 has been amended to remove reference to Chartered

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