HMLR Practice Guide updates: PG1, PG6, PG10 and PG12

Todays Conveyancer

28 March 2022

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Practice Guide 1: First registrations

Guidance for conveyancers on how to register unregistered estates in land for the first time. It does not deal with the effects of registration or the characteristics of the various classes of title with which land may be registered.

Changes made:

• Section 4.4.5 has been amended to clarify the Land Charges searches required on first registration.

Practice Guide 6: Devolution on the death of a registered proprietor

What to do following the death of a joint, sole or last surviving proprietor of a registered estate, charge or mortgage. This guide sets out the evidence required for applications relating to the death of a registered proprietor and deals with registered estates only.

Changes made:

• Section 2 has been amended to clarify that an appointment of personal representatives obtained outside the UK is not acceptable unless it has been resealed by a court of probate in the UK.

Practice Guide 10: Index map: official search

Details of the information held on the index map and how to apply for an official search.

Changes made:

• A reminder has been added to the checklist in section 13 that the plan must show the precise extent of the property by suitable colouring/edging.

Practice Guide 12: Official searches

This guide gives advice on the purpose and effect of the various types of official search applications that may be made with HM Land Registry. It is aimed at purchasers, their legal advisers and non-purchasers who want to update the information they hold in an official copy of the register.

Changes made:

• Sections 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 have been amended to clarify that an application by a corporate body must be made in their full name and not a trading name.

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