HMLR Practice Guide updates

Todays Conveyancer

21 December 2021

Powers of attorney and registered land (PG9)

This guide gives advice on the evidence HMLR needs when an attorney has executed documents lodged for registration.

Change made: HMLR will now accept the summary sheet generated by the Office of the Public Guardian’s “Use/View a lasting power of attorney” service in lieu of the full lasting power of attorney. Section 7.1 has been added setting out requirements when this summary sheet is lodged.

Index map: official search (PG10)

This guide gives details of the information held on the index map and advice on how to apply for an official search.

Change made: Section 7.1 has been added to give guidance on requirements for spatial data.

Requisition and cancellation procedures (PG50)

This guide gives advice on how to avoid requisitions on applications and HMLR procedures where they do need to be raised.

Change made: Section 2 has been amended to explain that HMLR may need to ask for the production of additional documents or evidence before it can proceed with or complete an application.

Easements (PG62)

This guide provides information about registration of easements under the Land Registration Act 2002. It does not seek to be a general guide to the law concerning easements.

Change made: Section 10.2 has been amended to clarify HMLR’s existing requirements. This is not a change in practice.

Prescribed clauses leases (PG64)

This guide gives details about HMLR practice arising from the Land Registration (Amendment) (No 2) Rules 2005. These Rules introduced the presentation of prescribed information in certain registrable leases.

Change made: Section 5.4.2 has been amended to clarify existing requirements. This is not a change in practice.

Evidence of identity: conveyancers (PG67)

This guide explains when evidence of identity is required and how it should be given.

Change made: Section 3.4 has been amended to provide additional explanation about rule 17 of the Land Registration Rules 2003 and to confirm that HMLR may ask to provide additional evidence in some instances. Section 4.1 has been amended to explain that although HMLR does not normally require evidence of identity for a personal representative, it might ask for this in any particular instance.


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