Four Essential Marketing Strategies For Law Firms In 2021

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7 January 2021

Whether your new year’s resolution is to increase your reach, tap into a new target audience, or simply to boost your online credibility, these fool-proof digital marketing strategies are crucial for taking your law firm to the next level.

1. Hone your brand image

Creating a brand image might sound like a job for marketers, but the chances are, you already have all the building blocks to get started.

The important thing is to consider how your firm comes across to your target audience – do you project a sense of shared values with the people you are seeking to represent.

Often people will opt for a company based on “what it stands for”, even over other seemingly more important factors like price and location.

Be very clear about what your law firm does differently from your competitors. What makes you unique? Perhaps you have a proven track record of resolving family law related issues, or maybe you have lived experience of the UK immigration system. Whatever it is that makes you stand out, lean into it, and put it front and centre of your marketing messaging.

2. Cover all the channels

Many law firms in the UK start and end their messaging on their website. Don’t make the same mistake! While it is true that your website plays a key role in attracting and converting clients, there is a slate of other platforms that can boost your reach and visibility.

Social media use has grown exponentially in the past decade, with more than 45 million active social media users in the UK today. As well as interacting with friends, people are turning to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to shop for goods and services – including legal assistance.

Having an active social media presence is not only adding to the list of ways people can see your messaging, but also encourages them to reach out and engage with your law firm.

Often, potential clients who feel intimidated asking for help via your website will be more comfortable making contact through less formal social channels.

Already have a Facebook page? Level up by exploring Facebook’s ad features, with a particular focus on Lookalike Audiences. This tool lets businesses target specific demographics based on their most active followers, drawing on the social media platform’s huge reserve of user data.

The technique is one of the most efficient ways of reaching users with high conversion potential, giving you more bang for your advertising buck.

It is also worth getting your law firm listed on a couple of trusted online legal directories. This not only increases your chances of being seen by people looking for legal services but will also boost your domain authority on Google.

3. Improve your visibility

There is no disputing the power of Google. Around 96% of all internet activity starts with a google search, dwarfing even its closest rivals in terms of influence. The mammoth search engine is key to being seen on the internet and can help your law firm tap into new client bases on the daily if used properly.

The problem with the Google engine is that while it holds countless benefits for those who know how to work it, those who fall short will likely find themselves relegated to the net’s hidden back pages.

If you are someone who rarely ventures past page one of the Google results pages, then you are not alone.

Around 75% of people never make it past the first 10 suggested web pages, with click-through rates falling at catastrophic speed by the second page. With so much at stake, the importance of effective SEO becomes blindingly obvious.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, is the practice of increasing the amount of organic web traffic to your website. The bulk of your law firm’s SEO will happen within your website copy: keyword-rich text, professionally written headings and intros, and optimised images and videos.

According to Law Click, a marketing provider that specialises in law firm SEO, competition is higher than ever when it comes to Google rankings. They said; “There is a very good reason why most law firms will make a substantial investment in their website’s search engine rankings, which is because many have learned that most people will search for a solicitor using Google when they need one. It is essential to be found in these results if you wish to increase the number of enquiries your firm received from month to month. Service like Law Click analyse the huge amounts of data that we are able to gather about your competitors to determine why they rank above you and then we use this analysis to gain an advantage over them for your firm.”

4. Try video marketing

Video is one of the top three ways that people are consuming web-based content, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

According to Filmora, your law firm is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if your website features video content, and is particularly effective at converting younger audiences into clients.

Your videos don’t need to be huge productions. Consider making a few 45-second videos introducing your team, or read the answers to your FAQs and break them up into snappy explainer style clips.

Make sure you film in a well-lit room with minimal background noise, and don’t worry about investing in any fancy equipment. In most cases, a simple smartphone camera will work just fine.


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