Actionstep: All in One Practice Management System

Legal Tech Publishing

17 August 2020

Here’s how one lawyer described how she uses Actionstep: “It’s complex enough to let you do all the things you want to do if you’re one of those attorneys who likes to customize everything but it’s simple enough to let you use it and scale it to the way you work!”

The company name stems from Actionstep’s ability to create workflows for unique practice areas. Each phase of a workflow comprises tasks, or “actionsteps,” such as assigning a matter to an associate, triggering a document template or form to gather data and filing court documents, etc

Actionstep offers legal practice management (LPM) software with built-in front and back office functionality including accounting, customer relationship management (CRM),marketing, document management & assembly, time & billing, and more. Since Actionstep utilizes Amazon Web Services(AWS), the platform is accessible on multiple devices and with complete confidence in data storage security.

Actionstep works for lawyers, paralegals and office managers. A scratchpad allows you to take notes and save memoranda to matters. The calendar displays days in various colors. Orange and red indicate hotspots, so you can see at a glance how busy or light a day may be. All your appointments, tasks and time records will show up on your dashboard when you log in.

“Actionstep not only manages, tracks and reports on cases, but they also serve as prescribed service points that educate and inform new associates and staff.”


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