Growing your law practice by merger or acquisition

Advantage365 offer a bespoke mergers & acquisitions service specifically for law firms. As a full-service firm, we can assist you with all aspects of the acquisition & merger process. M&A advice is included with Advantage365 Enterprise+ Subscription.

What is the merger or acquisition process?

Our work on mergers and acquisitions typically involves working with both law firms over a period of time addressing these and other key issues. Sometimes it can be very useful for the partners in both firms to meet and in effect have a joint partner retreat. It can be a great way of helping the two teams to bond.

As part of the Advantage365 Enterprise+ Subscription, we will will manage the process, including:

  1. Value both firms and negotiate/agree terms.

  2. Carry out due diligence and prepare report.

  3. Highlight potential risks of the acquisition/merger.

  4. Undertake financial modelling to highlight potential synergies and cost savings. 

  5. Agree how the profit share and capital accounts should look.

  6. Advise on any tax implications of the proposed merger. 

  7. Provide a detailed merger checklist that identifies all of the required steps and tasks

  8. Deal with SRA compliance including SRA-authorisation and approval.

  9. Allocate merger tasks, set deadlines for their completion and ensure that they are completed as planned.

  10. Prepare and execute a "transition plan" for the staff, including any necessary training. 


What is the problem with organic law firm growth?


The problem with organic growth is that it is slow and on its own is rarely sufficient, especially for smaller firms. It is very easy to focus attention on two or three key people only to find that, having trained them and just as they become productive and profitable, they leave. Organic growth is always part of the picture but it is rarely sufficient. Firms who rely entirely on organic growth are likely over time to be overtaken by their competitors. For most firms a merger or acquisition can, if done right, be critical in moving them to the next level or creating the economies of scale needed.

Merger and acquisition advice is included with Advantage365 Enterprise+ Subscription.

Do you want to sell your law practice?

How much is my law firm worth?

Get your confidential business valuation from legal experts who sell solicitors firms like yours everyday. Online business valuations cost £99+VAT and include a video consultation and a full review of your accounts. Alternatively, you can sign up to the our Advantage365 Enterprise+ Subscription, as all our merger & acquisition services are included with the subscription. Our members on the Enterprise+ Plan have free and unlimited access to this service. 

Sell your firm without Advantage365 membership

If you are seriously interested in selling, merging or acquiring, we are probably the only professional consultancy agency that can help you both professionally and discretely. All you need to do is fill your details below, pay the £500+VAT fee online, and we will do the rest. Alternatively, you can send your contact details to and we will call you back. Without subscription, we charge a nominal retainer of £500 + VAT as a contribution towards our up front marketing expenses but the bulk of our fee is payable on the successful disposal of your practice. We have a database with details of over 100,000 law professionals in the UK and we work as business consultants with thousands of law firms across the country. We are the largest provider of professional consultancy services to law firms in England, having worked on hundreds of legal merger & acquisition deals over the past 10 years. 

Sell your law practice confidentially with Advantage365:
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Processing of personal data

If you provide us with any information which constitutes “personal data” (including any “sensitive personal data”), both you and we will treat such information at all times in accordance with “Data Privacy Laws” (including the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679). Advantage Business & Legal Services Limited and associated companies may hold and process such information: (i) in order to provide our services to you; (ii) to facilitate the effective management, development or operation of the group companies; and (iii) in any country – including countries outside the European Economic Area, which may not have comparable data protection laws.

Still unsure what you need?

For more information on how we can help your law firm, please call us on 0121 212 6580 or request a free call-back using our contact form to get free initial advice. You can also access a wealth of free business information for lawyers by visiting our digital Resource Centre and view our free Business FactsheetsAlternatively, please email us on

Do you want to acquire a law practice?

Making the decision to buy another solicitors practice is an important decision which requires input from our experienced and knowledgeable business advisors who can keep you on the right track and help to make the process as smooth as it can be.

Our Advantage365 M&A Team of Experts has a wealth of experience of advising lawyers right from the beginning stages of acquisition through to final completion and have advised clients on both sides of the process.


If you are a buyer and have already identified a target practice, our "acquisition consultancy fees" are estimated at £5,000 + VAT, which is approximately 7 days work over a 3-month period. Alternatively, you can sign up to the our Advantage365 Enterprise+ Subscription plan and all our merger & acquisition services will be included with the monthly subscription. Our members on the Enterprise+ Plan have free and unlimited access to this service. 

Here is a listing of the current law firms we have for sale: