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We believe business consultancy services for law firms should be clear, simple and affordable. So we created Advantage365.

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Let’s be clear – Advantage365 is not a traditional consultancy firm. 

We think the model used by traditional consulting firms is broken. Advantage365 is the world's first "virtual consulting service" for law firms, providing subscription-based access to convenient and remote business advice for lawyers.


The Advantage365 smartphone app allows our clients to have on-the-go video consultation with our business and technology experts, with guaranteed same day appointments. We are committed to driving innovation and transforming how you access our business services.

We provide access to fast, affordable business advice by legal sector experts. 

At Advantage365, our purpose is building a better legal services sector. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and confidence in the legal profession. Our firm can help your law practice implement growth strategies and accomplish your business objectives.

Advantage365 Subscription Plans

A first-class consultancy team on hand to help you for a fixed monthly fee.

Advantage365 Subscription Plans allow you to spread the costs of our business advice across the year, with the peace of mind you have a dedicated Business Consultant who will be in regular contact to guide you whenever you need them. We aim to ensure that our clients are protected and are given the guidance and advice you need to achieve the best outcomes possible for your law firm.

To enable us to do this together, we build long-term relationships, truly getting to know and understand you and your law firm.

Advantage365 Subscription outline for our clients:

  • On-demand business and compliance guidance;

  • Fixed monthly fees - 12 month minimum term;

  • Access to template documents, policies and procedures;

  • Dedicated legal business experts;

  • Regular compliance health checks;

  • Well-informed compliance updates;

  • Low monthly payments;


Unlimited access to Advantage365 platform and experts is available from £350/month, including unlimited consultations with our business and compliance advisors on separate matters.

To join as a member, simply choose the option that suits you best.